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About 10% of all fractures occur in the feet and ankles. Though common, without prompt treatment fractures increase your risk of more serious complications like infection and disability. At Universal Footcare in Chelsea, Manhattan, board-certified podiatrist Neha Pathak, DPM, uses soft and hard casts to treat fractures and promote healing. To schedule an appointment at the New York City-based practice, call the office or book online today.

Fractures Q & A

What is a fracture?

A fracture is an injury to one or several bones. Fractures occur for a variety of reasons, including crush injuries, automobile accidents, high-impact collisions while playing sports, and slip-and-fall accidents.

Each of your feet contains 26 bones. These structures are tough and hardworking, but they’re also susceptible to injury. If you experience a fracture, it’s important to seek professional treatment right away. 

What are the symptoms of fractures?

The symptoms of fractures depend on the severity and location of the injury. Common indications include:

  • Pain or swelling
  • Deformity of a toe or other area of the foot
  • Broken skin or an open wound
  • Trouble bearing weight on the affected foot
  • Tenderness 

At the time the fracture takes place, you might also hear a clicking, popping, or crunching sound.

How are fractures diagnosed?

To diagnose fractures, Dr. Pathak reviews your medical history, asks about your symptoms and lifestyle, and physically examines your feet, toes, and ankles. During your exam, she carefully manipulates the affected foot, testing its range of motion and looking for signs of swelling, redness, or warmth.

Afterward, she orders an X-ray to assess the severity of damage to the bone. If Dr. Pathak suspects a stress fracture, she might order an MRI or ultrasound, as these techniques are better at picking up small breaks.

How are fractures treated?

Treatment for fractures depends on the location and severity of the break itself. If you have a stress fracture, you might benefit from a foot cast, splinting, or custom orthotics. Dr. Pathak offers both hard and soft casts to her patients. She also offers orthotics for sale at the office.

If you have a severe fracture that splits a bone in two or punctures your skin, surgical intervention may be necessary. During surgery, Dr. Pathak carefully repairs your bone by manipulating the two pieces back into their proper position. She might also use screws, plates, or pins to keep your bones in place.

Following surgery, she applies a cast to your foot to encourage healing. As your fracture heals, you return to Universal Footcare regularly for follow-up appointments. Dr. Pathak might recommend physical therapy to speed up your recovery.

To learn more about the treatment options for fractures, schedule an appointment at Universal Footcare. Call the office or book online today.